Viborg Shirt

Groking the Pattern

Cheap krinkle linen is put away. Probably will use it for a chemise or somesuch. Got new linen and washed it.. No krinkles. Saturday I dragged a table out of the garage and into the dining room and used that to lay out fabric to cut out the Viborg shirt.

I totally -grok- it now. I know why it was cut the way it is cut and totally know how to adjust it to fit Fearghus(win).

It wasn’t until last night when I was looking at the sewing instructions that I realized that the fabric I used is -AGAIN- totally not right. I need fabric that has a hard selvedge.. this linen has a fuzzy selvedge. The historic find uses the hard selvage in several places.. so sewing a reproduction together with a fuzzy selvage just won’t work totally correctly. Bah humbug.

If I’m going to sew together a reproduction with an eye towards teaching this at an A&S someday then I need it to match the original as closely as possible. So I’m again looking to buy new linen (3rd times the charm.. right?) I think I’ll go ahead and futz the seam treatments and make up this first cut out as something to give away. I hate to waste fabric.. but I also hate to spend all this time/effort hand sewing a reproduction just to be forced to do it wrong because of poor fabric choice.

So back to square 1 on the Viborg shirt.. well more like 1.5 since I now -get- it and just need the proper fabric to get to work on it. (boo hiss)

Also, I am amused to find an error in the Viborg article. It was easy to spot.. but an error none-the-less.

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