Virtual SCA Collective Calendar

Grey: Known World Entertainment Guide Submit entries in the KWEGuide Google form.
Green: VirtualScadian Public Google Calendar. Please send a google calendar invite to for your class or online symposium to be added to this public calendar.
Green: SCA Known World Classes (calendar maintained by Atlantia)
Blue: Event calendar for the SCA Virtual Classroom and Artisan Display Facebook group.
Brown: Event calendar for the Known World SCA Virtual Fighter Practice Facebook group.

Gold: ARTemisia Virtual University
Peacock green: Atlantia Virtual Events.
Red: Ealdormere Event Calendar.
Rose: Royal University of the Midrealm(RUM) calendar.

Please note: if events have been announced in multiple places they may show up on multiple calendar. This is inevitable and there’s no easy way to suppress the duplicates. Please squint and ignore the duplicates.

Do you have a public calendar that you believe should be listed here?
Have you found an error in an event listed here?
Please contact me at and let me know.