Tablet weaving

First Tablet Weaving: Double Diamonds

I found the design for this here: (site no longer active)



Threading diagram for use in Gutram’s Tablet Weaving Thingy

Turning sequence:
8 forward
8 backward

Using 36 cards of size 10 cotton crochet thread this piece came out to a width of just a little over 1.25 inches. The size 10 cotton crochet thread made this so easy. No stickiness. The threads just slid together.

I’ve since this learned how to keep the weft even and my next pieces are much better.
I think if I were to do this piece again I would turn the three selvelge cards on each side all in one direction to keep it nice and even. This would build up twist but I bought some swivels for that.

This band completed: 10/10/2002

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