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Vertical striped socks

I picked up a pair of these at Estrella 2010. It took me a while but I finally found a supplier for these lovely socks available online: Sock Dreams. They are a bit thin. I wear these with a simple wool garter.

My fall-back socks (and the ones I wear when it’s cold) are some lovely Wool socks I got a long while ago from Hamilton Dry goods. Over-the-knee with no heel. Fits even large legs. I dyed a pair with tea and love love love them. I wear these with a simple wool garter. Sadly it doesn’t look like Hamilton sells these any more. I’ll need to look for a new supplier.

Recently I’ve heard of http://socksamerica.com/ they have linen and wool over the knee socks. Some with vertical stripes. I’ve not yet purchased any.

I bought a pair of these The Landsknecht, cowmouth, bear paw, kuhmaul shoe from Boots by Bohemond at Estrella 2010. Then I lost 50 lbs and my feet shrunk out of the shoe. I sold those to a friend and bought the same shoe again in a smaller size. If you do buy them, I recommend you get the no-slip sole otherwise they’re a bit slick.

While you’re on Bohemond’s site you might also want to pick up a hawking pouch and a bestecke (eating set hung from belt)

swatch-cardshttp://www.renaissancedyeing.com/en/products/swatch-cards/ Swatch of wool yarns dyed naturally

Fashion-Fabrics Club
Oxford Mill End Store
The Wool Connection
Stone Mountain and Daughter
Wood-N-Woven Handwoven wool 23″-26″ wide @ $30/yd Also a good source for edge-to-edge woven wickerbander.
Wool Trade I’ve heard report that some of these may be wool blends. So buyer be ware.
Fabric Guru: Wool Twill Decorator Fabric in Winter $9.95 per yard – Lovely light twill. Nice to dye.

Fabric Store.com
Greyline Fabrics

Linen thread
Wooded Hamlet Designs: Threads in Natural Fibers (sewing)
Vavstuga 16/2 Line linen plied (weaving)

12’x12′ Sunshade

Narrow wares
walnut_cardsWooden Tablet weaving cards I love the size and feel of the wooden cards from the seller Ampstrike on Etsy. Well worth the cost. I have purchased these in Walnut(2 sets), Padouk and Oak. The different colors make them easy to setup on the loom to make counting out a pattern very easy. The wood is very smooth and working on them is a total pleasure.

I’ve purchased quite a few pennanulars from Thorthor’s Hammer and have lovingly fondled a lot of his other items.

My Kentish Anglo-Saxon brooches are from Raymond’s Quiet Press.

Historical Glassworks pretty pretty glassware.

Renaissance Fabrics: Brass lacing rings

Bone needles from Historic Enterprises

Laces Wm. Booth, Draper of Hebron, IL. 1/4″ Dutch Linen Tape (by the roll)

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  1. Greetings, My lady. You have an interesting website! Out of curiosity, I clicked on your link for the Oxford Mill End Store (which is local to me) and it is surely the wrong website. The website of the one I think you meant (in Maine) is oxfordmillendstore.net. (even though it says .com at the top of their page!)
    Asther de Perpinya

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