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Vertical striped socks

I picked up a pair of these at Estrella 2010. It took me a while but I finally found a supplier for these lovely socks available online: Sock Dreams. They are a bit thin. I wear these with a simple wool garter.

My fall-back socks (and the ones I wear when it’s cold) are some lovely Wool socks I got a long while ago from Hamilton Dry goods. Over-the-knee with no heel. Fits even large legs. I dyed a pair with tea and love love love them. I wear these with a simple wool garter. Sadly it doesn’t look like Hamilton sells these any more. I’ll need to look for a new supplier.

Recently I’ve heard of http://socksamerica.com/ they have linen and wool over the knee socks. Some with vertical stripes. I’ve not yet purchased any.

I bought a pair of these The Landsknecht, cowmouth, bear paw, kuhmaul shoe from Boots by Bohemond at Estrella 2010. Then I lost 50 lbs and my feet shrunk out of the shoe. I sold those to a friend and bought the same shoe again in a smaller size. If you do buy them, I recommend you get the no-slip sole otherwise they’re a bit slick.

While you’re on Bohemond’s site you might also want to pick up a hawking pouch and a bestecke (eating set hung from belt)

swatch-cardshttp://www.renaissancedyeing.com/en/products/swatch-cards/ Swatch of wool yarns dyed naturally

Wood-N-Woven Handwoven wool 23″-26″ wide @ $30/yd Also a good source for edge-to-edge woven wickerbander.

Burnley & Trowbridge Co. I’m a bit in love with their wool. $13/yd last I checked.
Dorr Mill Store (https://dorrmillstore.com/) https://dorrmillstore.com/index.php/site/products/category/dorr_wools/86 

Fabric Guru: Wool Twill Decorator Fabric in Winter $9.95 per yard – Lovely light twill. Nice to dye.

Fashion-Fabrics Club

Oxford Mill End Store

Stone Mountain and Daughter

The Wool Connection

Wool Trade (https://www.wooltrade.cz) I’ve heard report that some of these may be wool blends. So buyer beware.

Puresilks http://www.puresilks.us/
Sartor http://www.sartor.cz/
Silk Baron https://www.silkbaron.com/

Fabric-Store.com This is my goto for linen.  They used to be the least expansive source for linen but recently their prices are about average you find anywhere so I’m starting to look at other sources
Greyline Fabrics One of the other sources I’m considering.

Linen thread
Wooded Hamlet Designs: Threads in Natural Fibers (sewing)
Vavstuga 16/2 Line linen plied (weaving)

Blockade Runner: 12’x12′ Dining Fly/Sunshade

Narrow wares
walnut_cardsWooden Tablet weaving cards I love the size and feel of the wooden cards from the seller Ampstrike on Etsy. Well worth the cost. I have purchased these in Walnut(2 sets), Padouk and Oak. The different colors make them easy to setup on the loom to make counting out a pattern very easy. The wood is very smooth and working on them is a total pleasure.

I’ve purchased quite a few pennanulars from Thorthor’s Hammer and have lovingly fondled a lot of his other items.

My Kentish Anglo-Saxon brooches are from Raymond’s Quiet Press.

Historical Glassworks pretty pretty glassware.

Renaissance Fabrics: Brass lacing rings

Bone needles from Historic Enterprises

Laces Wm. Booth, Draper of Hebron, IL. 1/4″ Dutch Linen Tape (by the roll)

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  1. Greetings, My lady. You have an interesting website! Out of curiosity, I clicked on your link for the Oxford Mill End Store (which is local to me) and it is surely the wrong website. The website of the one I think you meant (in Maine) is oxfordmillendstore.net. (even though it says .com at the top of their page!)
    Asther de Perpinya

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