Wulsthaube Mark 2: What -I- did

Picture taken by Edith

I don’t -know- what was actually used as the unterhaube.. so I’m taking my best guess. It turns out that using something -like- the St. Brigitta coif is actually very convenient. It ties on top of the head and the steuchlin is tensioned over it and pinned into place.


Unterhaube -> Brigitta Coif?

Idle wonderings. Might the under part of the wulsthaube be based on something like the cap commonly known as the “St. Brigitta’s cap”?

It would make a very convenient structure that: – would contain long hair. – wouldn’t pull your hair when you put it on (like my current version does) – wouldn’t have ties […]

Wulsthaube Mark 1

Last night I finally tried on my first (acceptable for public view) wulsthaube. I’ve been futzing with fabric and directions for a while and finally I got something I could put on my head and photograph on my head dummy.

Wulst: I made a long skinny linen tube (a little bit bigger than I […]


Bulge cap Diary started Feb 26, 2010. Progress: Finished May 28, 2010.


Headgear -makes- an outfit. It’s the line between right and “can’t put my finger on something wrong”. The Wulsthaube is a particularly German late 15th/16th century headcovering.

Research and Background

From Textiler Hausrat, Kleidung und Haustextilien in Nurnberg von 1500-1650 pages […]