Rules of Projects:
As we sew so shall we rip.
The Cinderella Rule: Never start cutting fabric after midnight. Down that path lies peril and madness.
Sewing machines can sense deadlines. Beware.

Top Projects:
HAVE-TOs (repairs or promises which need to get done)

  • Gold Antwerpen kirtle
  • Green antwerpen gown
  • Landsknecht outfit for Fearghus

WANT-TOs (current sparkly project which has captured my interest)

    – All the knitting.

Project bucket list: ie: projects I’d like to do.. but have no deadlines and haven’t yet started

  • 2 pairs sewn linen socks for me
  • Rectangular cloak for Fearghus (design. applique and embroidery)
  • Pointy Viking Hat white fur trim and posament (Have finial, need to figure out pattern and cloth)
  • Viborg undershirt for Fearghus
  • Weave Wickelbander
  • Wall hangings for sunshade


  • Fix gutters on tent
  • Add d-rings to two sides of regent
  • need new silk banners (1 for top of pavillion, 3 for centers of sunshades, 5 for corners of sunshade (document))
  • New sunshades for corner of pavilion






  • White Partlet (finished 3/2016)
  • Hannah Brown Kirtle(finished 3/2016)


  • New tunic for Fearghus (handed off to Treásach for embellishment) (finished 10/2015)
  • Under kirtle (finished 2/2015)
  • Black tunic for Romelo (finished 1/2015)


  • Erik’s Waffenrock (finished 12/2014)
  • Coenwulf’s Waffenrock (finished 11/2014)
  • Kolskegg and Katla step down outfits (Finished 11/2014)
  • 2 more short sleeved tunic for Fearghus, blue and green (Finished 8/2014)
  • New fighting pants (Rus) for Fearghus(red/brown from Etaine) (Finished 8/2014)
  • New fighting tunic for Fearghus(Finished 8/2014)
  • Added eyelets and a lace to the front of the black and cobalt kirtles (Finished 2/10/2014)


  • Replace stake loops on new tent (finished 1/15/2013)
  • Black Linen Rus pants for Fearghus (finished 5/2/2013)
  • Paint box for Lord and Lady of Golden Rivers. (finished 5/12/2013)
  • Black Linen Tunic to try out new pattern for Fearghus (finished 6/11)
  • Trim for white tunic for Fearghus (finished 6/20)
  • White Linen Tunic for Fearghus’ knighting (Finished 6/22)
  • Queen’s Champion Tabard for Fearghus (Finished 9/27)
  • Patsy’s Grey Velvet Cotehardie with Tippets (Finished 10/5)
  • Painted Queen’s Champion symbols on shield for Fearghus (Finished 10/8)
  • Simple Diamonds.. err Chevrons trim for Sciath (Finished 10/13/2013)
  • Green tunic for Miach (Finished 10/26)
  • Gold Rus pants for Miach (Finished 11/15)



  • Orange undertunic for Mikolaj, His Highness of the Mists(Finished 1/29). Tunic was completely hand-finished.
  • Fuzzy Hat for Dad (Finished 2/5).
  • Rust Brown Hood  (Finished 4/8).
  • Olive green fighting tunic with trim for Fearghus (Finished 4/10)
  • Purple undertunic for Vittoria, Her Highness of the Mists (finished 4/28). Tunic is completely hand-finished.
  • Green Tunic for me (finished 4/28)
  • Black hood (finished 4/30)
  • Blue German/Swiss dress for Nate&Dusty’s Wedding(finished 5/21/2011)
  • White cote for His Majesty Mark (passed on to next person on 6/12/2011)
  • Pennsic sewing (finished 7/31/2011) (2 stola, 1 braies and 1 chemise for me; 3 tunics, 1 vest and 1 pants for Tony; 1 pants for Big John; 2 pants, 1 tunic, 2 coif and 2 braies for Fearghus)
  • Fixed collar on Hemd II (added buttons and loops) (finished 8/24/2011)
  • Fixed fit of bodice on blue german(finished 9/28/2011)
  • Fighting pants for F (finished 11/11/2011)
  • Gollar(finished 12/3/2011)


  • Fuzzy hat for mom (Mailed 3/28. Pics to follow)
  • Byzantines for F (Blue and white are done 4/15).
  • new pants to match Byzantines used QnD pattern (blue/grey striped linen)(Finished 5/14/2010)
  • Hand sewn exact reproduction of Viborg shirt (Mark 1 done 4/19)
  • Fighting tunic for F (dark blue linen, long sleeve)(finished for M/C War 5/15/2010)
  • new poles for sunshade reconfiguration(3@12 ft) (finished for M/C War 5/15/2010)
  • German-ating
  • Handout for Viborg class (finished for Kingdom A&S June 11-13)
  • Arianwen’s Saxon Dress for October Crown

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