“Cut the dog off the loom”

Early this year we re-did my sewingroom/office (hereafter referred to as “The Study”). I don’t have any “real” before pictures. I have picture from when we moved into the house and the room was empty and pristine(and carpeted). Right before the re-do my sewing room was NOT pristine. My sewing room has bulged at the seams for a long time.…

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Apprenticing Eva Hundsdotter

On the 24th day of March Anno Societatis LII, 2018 in the common reckoning, on the Sitientes which is the eve of the Feast of the Annunciation, the feast day of St. Hildelith, abbess of Barking Hereford, at the March Crown of the West Kingdom, Hans and Helga as the undoubted King and Queen of the West, I took to…

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Red Wool Antwerpen Jacket

Red wool antwerpen jacket started March 6, 2018. Not yet finished. “My hand to God, I will never be cold again.” – Me at my last camping event (and frankly a bunch before that but this time I really mean it). So ok. I camp. I get cold. It’s a normal consequence of staying up late in the night when…

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Waisted Kirtle

Walking it back

In my last post about my new bodice fitting based on the methods described in Mathew Gnagy’s book “The Modern Maker” and the pattern published on his facebook page (the pattern which will be included in his soon to be published pattern book(!!!)) I went on (at length) about the issues I was seeing with the L measurement coming out…

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Projects for Perfectly Period Feast – Burgundy

“The West Kingdom Perfect Period Feast – Burgundy Guild (PPF-Burgundy Guild) is dedicated to exploring the time and culture of Burgundy in the fifteenth century with a goal of producing a Perfectly Period Feast on the theme in Fall of 2017.” Pictures from the PPF-Burgundy The Perfectly Period Feast is an event that happens in the West about every two…

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