Quick&Dirty Peri-oid pants

This is it. This is my instructions for quick and dirty peri-oid pants that seem to fit everyone. Granted, I’ve only made about 4 pairs of these.. and each time I make a pair the pattern evolves a little bit… but they’re getting close to passible. They’re tons better than sweats and jeans.


Wedge Tent

In July 2005 I finally published my instructions for How to make a wedge tent. Here’s a couple of backup, historical links to go with those instructions.


Bread Trenchers

Washing dishes is a sucky camp duty. It’s an icky job and it’s not terribly fun.. and there are about a hundred other things you’d rather be doing at event. After this last Estrella (2006) my camp suggested we start using paper plates. Outside of the SCA I hate paper plates, they’re wasteful. Inside of the SCA I hate paper…

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A whole year without an entry…

Wow. I swear I did stuff. I just didn’t write any of it in this diary. Jan. 7 2005 finished Yellow Cote Dress Feb. 15-22 2005 Estrella XXI. The warm, wet Estrella. March 2005 Made Sunshade number two April 2005 House warming shots party (he he he) May-Aug. 2005 On West royal court for Thorfinn and Geirdis June 2005 New…

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Furmenty and venison

Almost universally all of the late 14th/early 15th century menus I looked at included venison with furmenty in the first course. I was determined to be able to serve that. It just seemed right for a feast where the theme was “Hunt and Harvest”. Very early in the year I contacted my parents to see if they could get a…

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Fylettes in galytyne

From The Forme of Cury(1390)(http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/docs/books/gutenberg/etext05/8cury10.txt): FYLETTES IN GALYTYNE. C. XVII. Take Pork, and rost it tyl the blode be tryed out & þe broth [1]. take crustes of brede and bray hem in a morter, an drawe hem thurgh a cloth with þe broth, þenne take oynouns an leshe hem on brede an do to the broth. þanne take pork,…

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Beaconsgate Boar Hunt A.S. XL (2005)

Boar hunt 2005 is the second feast I’ve ever cooked. I started out with very big plans. Life intervened. The feast still came off well.. but I ended up re-using a lot of recipes from my last feast. Theme: “Hunt and Harvest” First Course: Furmenty (v) with Venison Capon Fricassee Bourblier of fresh boar Tourte (cheese and herb tart)(v) Cabbage(v)…

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Tudor: Henry VIII

Tudor: Henry VIII (1530’s)

Diary started October 21st 2005 Garb research in progress. Summary It all started so innocently. One day while gazing at my love I asked “honey, if I made you ‘Henry the 8ths’ for Twelfth Night, would you grow your hair out?’. My honey is a natural red head. I think he’d look stunning dressed like Henry VIII. After a short…

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Dress of the Court of Saxony

Brown and Gold Gown

Diary started October 13th 2005 Dress first worn: August 26, 2006. Saxony, Germany [Edit: After almost 2 years of calling this my “german” dress I’ve come to find out that Cranach was a court painter to Frederick the Wise of Saxony. During the time of the portraits under study (1520-1540) he had settled permanently at Wittenberg. This means that we…

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