Viking Woman

underdress: food: The account of the Hedeby harbour finds has only been published in German [1]. The following article is an annotated summary of Inga Hägg’s report on the Trägerrock. The report was translated by Rachel Kellett, and the summary written by Shelagh Lewins. Overview of apron suppositions:


Thread Numbering

what does 60/2, 20/3 etc mean?


Viking Man

“Simple Viking Clothing for Men” Viking men’s clothing: Viborg Shirt Viking Coat: Nice pattern: The coat, also known as the “caftan” or “Rus riding coat,” may have been an explicitly eastern (Swedish/Rus) phenomenon. We have solid evidence of it only at Birka in the ninth and tenth centuries. It is a long coatlike overgarment, buttoned…

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Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts

Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts: Valerius Maximus, Des faits et des paroles mémorables 1400-1410 The Hague, KB, 71 E 68 Three women kneeling in front of the statue of a queen: a woman (Lucretia) committing suicide by stabbing herself with a sword Bible Historiale The Hague, KB, 78 D 43 Moses in his basket is found by the daughter…

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Cotehardie Images


Meta Feast Information

Good article, Cost analysis fo feasts Good article about period and adapted SCA feast service practice. this is the wholesale place that sells game and the public….


Lure Coursing

Otto chasing the lure at Estrella XXII. While at Estrella XXII we had the chance to run our whippet Fenris. He did a stella job on the course. We’re very interested in starting lure coursing in the West.