February 23, 2006

Quick&Dirty Peri-oid pants

This is it. This is my instructions for quick and dirty peri-oid pants that seem to fit everyone. Granted, I've only made about 4 pairs of these.. and each time I make a pair the pattern evolves a little bit... but they're getting close to passible. They're tons better than sweats and jeans.

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March 3, 2006

Cotehardie Images

Breast Binding

Viking Man

"Simple Viking Clothing for Men"

Viking men's clothing:

Viborg Shirt

Viking Coat:
Nice pattern:
The coat, also known as the "caftan" or "Rus riding coat," may have
been an explicitly eastern (Swedish/Rus) phenomenon. We have solid
evidence of it only at Birka in the ninth and tenth centuries. It is a long
coatlike overgarment, buttoned from neck to waist and decorated with
specialized and elaborate metal trimmings. The remains of five such coats
were found, each with a row of cast metal shank-buttons; several other
coats were identified which, while they had the right sort of elaborate
trimmings, had no associated buttons. Wood or bone buttons, however,
would leave little or no trace in a burial, and it is likely that these
coats were also buttoned (Hägg 1986, 68). It is thought that this
garment was borrowed or adapted from the Byzantine skaramangion, which was
the standard day garment for the Emperor and his court (Geijer 1983, 99).

Scary Viking facts:

Frog closures (not viking but thinking to use the on the coat)

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Viking Woman


The account of the Hedeby harbour finds has only been published in German [1]. The following article is an annotated summary of Inga Hägg’s report on the Trägerrock. The report was translated by Rachel Kellett, and the summary written by Shelagh Lewins.

Overview of apron suppositions:

Lining the easy way

Darning Socks

Darning socks:


April 3, 2006

Quick&Dirty Peri-oid tunic

This is my pattern for tunics, chemise, dresses. Whatever. Medevial-oid and tons better than a T-tunic or some silly "trace around your t-shirt patterns". Sometimes called an R-tunic or "rectangular tunic."

This pattern uses gussets and gores. Love love love gussets and gores.

I started with a pattern from a period garment that placed a gore in the middle of the front panel. I hate placing a gore in a slit in the middle of a panel. I always end up with an ugly pucker at the point. So I experimented with leaving it out. Viola, Sylvie's QnD Peri-oid chemise. This has since evolved into Sylvie's Dress, Nate's Tunic, and Fearghus' Tunic. Patterns not drawn to scale.

All evolutions have been made by me.. they seem like logical steps and end up with a better fit for my Medieval family.

-I- sew these together with a machined flat-felled seam. A how-to is posted here: "Quick&Dirty Tunic Construction". I suppose you could use french seams.. or false-french seams.. but flat-felled seams are just so perfect. It just falls together in a way that really appeals to my inner type-A personality.

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April 5, 2006

Quick&Dirty Tunic Construction


Here's my instructions for assembling a tunic with flat-felled seams. As with most hands-on things, this works much better in person. Please feel free to email me if you have questions or if I'm unclear.

Sylvie (

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May 9, 2006

Turkish Coat

Ottoman Thrace, red silk velvet coat decorated with applications of corded gold embroideries and ribbons with printed cotton (basma) lining, 110x240 cm.

Skeggi's Coat

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October 17, 2006

Vertically Striped German Gowns 1500s

Starting a collection of vertically striped german gowns. Annoyed at the poor quality of the pictures. Amused at the idea of a documentable vertically striped skirt.

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February 20, 2008

Viking Leg Wraps