Rivetted Iron Cauldrons

From The Jelling Dragon “Our Cauldrons are entirely hand made by a master blacksmith. They are beaten from individual steel plates which are then riveted together. They have been sealed to make them waterproof. The handle is hand made from decorative twisted steel. They are authentic copies of original designs.” ~$120 US

Bone Spectacle Frames

Bone Spectacle Frames

These totally make me wish I needed reading glasses at events. Available from “Carved in Bone” $250 reading glasses.

Luttrell Psalter the Film

V. interesting. I’m tempted to get a DVD of it just to have lovely garments to drool over. (site)

Guided by the detailed and often humorous images of everyday life from the Luttrell Psalter, the Luttrell Psalter Film gives a unique glimpse of a year in the life of a medieval village. Filmed over four seasons, it shows the changing landscape with its fields and flowers, and the daily activities which dominated the lives of our forefathers. This 20-minute film draws on over 35 different images from the margins of the manuscript, allowing the people from the Psalter to walk out from its vellum pages.

Brass Veil Pins

These pins from Wooded Hamlet Designs are lovely and tasty. Esp at $2.25/24 pins. Gotta get me some of that.

[Edited to add: Yoink. Orders two packets of them. NOM NOM NOM]

[Edited again to add: the pins arrived. They’re a little thinner than I would like. They’ll do for now but I’ll keep my eyes open for some truly stout brass pins. Idaknow.. I’ll use them for a while.. I may just be being needlessly worried about them.]

German Playing Cards

16th Century German Playing Cards. A total steal at $6.95. from The Tutor Shoppe

Now I just need to learn some period card games.

[Edited to add:]
Introduction to Period Card Games
More Period Card Games
Still More Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Card Games


We’re talking a deep Id type “me want” response. Sigh. Lack of money sucks. Me still want though.
Table & benches in a box
– Pic: http://scademo.com/images.demo/Picture50.jpg
– Plans: http://www.smoke-fire.com/camp-furniture-patterns-1.asp
Bronze Cauldron

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