Tablet weaving

Simple Board Loom

She who dies with the most looms wins. At this point I think I have 5 looms. The simplest looms I have is this board loom. Aside from the backstrap method I believe it’s probably the simplest loom to build at home. My husband made […]

Tabletweaving Technique: Weft management

This past weekend I ended up doing some tabletweaving in the park during our weekly fighter practice. Someone watched me for a while and then commented that although they’d done tabletweaving before they hadn’t dealt with the weft the same way that I I […]

Simple Diamonds.. err Chevrons

On Friday my love reminded me that on Sunday we would be helping with a demo in town.. and that “people really like to see things being woven on a loom” and asked me to have a project ready for the demo. I needed something […]

Knighting Tunic Trim

Over the weekend I started weaving the trim for Fearghus’ knighting tunic. I couldn’t just choose an “easy” trim(4f4b), no, I had to choose something that I’d never woven before in a challenging pattern. Now I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that I have enough […]

Red Yellow Missed-Hole Tablet Weaving Spiral

I found the design for this here: I’ve seen some very lovely examples of missed-hole technique with cards and I wanted to give it a try. Turning Sequence:(read from the bottom up) 8 picks all backwards 4 picks 1-10 forwards 11-20 back 8 picks […]

Tubular Tablet Weaving

From an email from Henshall, A. 1964. Five tablet-woven seal tags. Archaeological Journal 121:154-162. 5. Multicoloured tablet-woven cord The charter is by John (de Balliol), King of Scotland, to Nicholas de Haia, of thelands of Erroll, etc. Granted at Lindores, 1 August 1294. Material. […]

Tablet Weaving: Dad’s Belt

Front Back Turning sequence: Turn forward until you see 5 triangles. On the 6th triangle reverse half way through. Turn backwards until you see 5 triangles. Comments: Using 32 cards of size 12 cotton crochet thread this piece came out to a width of just […]

Anglo Saxon threaded in pattern

Band completed 10/23/2002 What it is This tablet woven band is woven using 18 tablets each with 4 strands of size 10 cotton crochet thread (a total of 72 threads) using the method described as “Pack Idling” by Peter Collingwood in The Techniques of Tablet […]

First Tablet Weaving: Double Diamonds

I found the design for this here: (site no longer active) Front Back Threading diagram for use in Gutram’s Tablet Weaving Thingy Turning sequence: 8 forward 8 backward Comments: Using 36 cards of size 10 cotton crochet thread this piece came out to a […]