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Things which are oddly similar


Things which are oddly similar:
Huve AKA “St. Brigitta cap” 6th-12th century (upper left)
Two-Tailed cap 14th-15th century (upper right)
Tudor coif 15th-16th century (lower left)
Elizabethan cap 15th-17th century (lower right) from

This caught my eye a while ago. It seems obvious when you put the images side-by-side.


Chausses – French word for medieval fabric or armor leg covering.
Pronounced [shohs] (rhymes with “shows”).
English speaking people would call them “hose”. Notice, “hose” rhymes with “chausses” (when it’s pronounced correctly).

But Sylvie, you say, I’ve heard some people pronounce it as [chaw-ses].
To which I reply: some people are idiots. Don’t be an idiot.
I know, I know. You first saw it written down and when you sounded it out like they taught you in primary school that perfectly good French word got mangled by your English-speaking tongue into [chaw-ses]. It’s ok. I understand. But now that you know better go forth and sin no more.