Dog Collar


From: The Virtual Museum
This dog collar, an open-work band of copper alloy, is a very rare find from the city excavations. Backed by leather or velvet – attached to the metal through six small holes – it was an elaborate collar probably for a greyhound, the most popular dog in the hunting field.
The collar of that breed had the same value as a horse-saddle in early Welsh law. The dogs depicted on the Bayeux tapestry wear elaborate collars. This may be a pre-Norman import, attesting to the wealth and sophistication of Waterford.

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Dog Coat


Lure Coursing

Otto chasing the lure at Estrella XXII.

While at Estrella XXII we had the chance to run our whippet Fenris. He did a stella job on the course. We’re very interested in starting lure coursing in the West.

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