Påsbyxor aka “Viking Rus Pants”: simplified modern construction

This pattern is for a 3x-4x man. These require ~4-5 yards of modern width fabric (You can squeeze them out of 4 yards if it’s at least 52″ wide, otherwise, 5 yards). I’ve made them with medium to heavy weight linen. I think these would […]

Quick&Dirty Braies (well, ok. Not -dirty- but you know what I mean)

For literally YEARS I’ve been meaning to make some braies. Now, finally I figured out a pattern and got a chance to wear my test pair at an event last weekend. In a word.. they’re made of win.. in two words.. win and AWESOME!! Seriously. […]

Pennsic Sewing List

Pennsic is coming. This will be my second Pennsic and I’m in a much better frame of mind this year.. so I have projects that I want to get done for Pennsic. I’m responsible for myself, Fearghus and Tony. Tony is a friend of ours […]

Blue and White Byzantines

For 12th night January 2010 Fearghus was supposed to wear Byzantines. Instead we attended a wake and memorial. Anyway, because we didn’t go to 12th night I actually took alot more time finishing this garb. I used the “Feaghus Sized” patterns from my QnD Tunic […]

Quick&Dirty Tunic Construction

Here’s my instructions for assembling a tunic with flat-felled seams. As with most hands-on things, this works much better in person. Please feel free to email me if you have questions or if I’m unclear. Sylvie (sylvie@fibergeek.com)

Quick&Dirty Peri-oid tunic

This is my pattern for tunics, chemise, dresses. Whatever. Medevial-oid and tons better than a T-tunic or some silly “trace around your t-shirt patterns”. Sometimes called an R-tunic or “rectangular tunic.” This pattern uses gussets and gores. Love love love gussets and gores. I started […]

Quick&Dirty Peri-oid pants

This is it. This is my instructions for quick and dirty peri-oid pants that seem to fit everyone. Granted, I’ve only made about 4 pairs of these.. and each time I make a pair the pattern evolves a little bit… but they’re getting close to […]