Early Period

Påsbyxor aka “Viking Rus Pants”: simplified modern construction

This pattern is for a 3x-4x man. These require ~4-5 yards of modern width fabric (You can squeeze them out of 4 yards if it’s at least 52″ wide, otherwise, 5 yards). I’ve made them with medium to heavy weight linen. I think these would […]

Påsbyxor aka “Viking Rus Pants”: Background and Research

Diary started June 4, 2010. Copied a pattern from a friend’s pants (simplified modern construction). Made first and second pair of pant on July 1, 2012. I’m making Påsbyxor for Fearghus. These are the oversized Viking pants. Pants that say “Look at my mobility WHEEE […]

Kentish: New book

New book. I’m giddy with happy. Buckland Anglo-Saxon Cemetery, Dover. Excavations 1994 (Archaeology of Canterbury) Very nice details about the textiles.. especially nice details about the tablet weaving. I need to re-read it in more depth.. but I expect many good things to come from […]

6th Century Kentish Women Clothing

From Rogers, Penelope Walton. Cloth and Clothing in Early Anglo-Saxon England (p 190). A: Kentish Dress Style III – a garment with a vertical front opening clasped by two brooches, one at the throad the other centre-chest, and worn with a buckled belt. B: Kentish […]

Anglo-Saxon Fiber Colors

Saving for future reference: Jenny Dean’s Anglo-Saxon Dye Experiments Part 1 – Introduction Part 2 – Reds, Yellows, and Browns Part 3 – Blues, Greens, Purple, Brown and Black Introduction to some more Anglo-Saxon style experiments Regia: Dye Equivalent Colours DMC The Colorful Iron Age […]

The neckline

I’m making Fearghus a new fighting tunic and decided to give it the same sort of neckline as the Viborg shirt. His neck is 18.5 inches. I mathified this (C=2pi*r) and figured out the radius of the circle that is his neck and then cut […]

Viborg Shirt Finished

I just finished the last last stitch on my initial copy of the Viborg shirt. Really I took 3-4 days off on sewing it. The thread I was using was a very chunky linen thread that shreded and broke a lot. I found this very […]

Skinny Little No Veggie Eating Hick!

So.. so I get some of the seams now.. but I’m still perplexed by others. Take the sleeve seam. Part A is “getting rid of the raw edges”. I get that.. but I don’t get why we used a running stitch through the two folds […]

Viborg Progress

Monday: Finished up the right sleeve overcast seam on the commute home. Tuesday: Completed the shoulder seam. (which I then ripped out on Wednesday. Doh) The shoulder seam Sewn from the “inside” of the garment. The shoulder seam attaches the front and back linings to […]