Viking Age

Viborg Progress

Monday: Finished up the right sleeve overcast seam on the commute home. Tuesday: Completed the shoulder seam. (which I then ripped out on Wednesday. Doh) The shoulder seam Sewn from the “inside” of the garment. The shoulder seam attaches the front and back linings to […]

Viborg Shirt Observations, Conjecture and Puzzlement

Gusset and Neck Hole The gussets are almost exactly the same size as the neck holes.  It would be convenient, and save fabric to make the gussets out of the fabric removed to make the neck holes. Fabric Width and Pieced Lining I assume that […]

Front Lining

Sunday morning I bought some more linen. I very carefully found linen of the right weight, with a firm selvedge, that (at least reported that it) was 100% linen. I washed and dried this and FINALLY cut out all the pieces. This linen is -still- […]

Groking the Pattern

Cheap krinkle linen is put away. Probably will use it for a chemise or somesuch. Got new linen and washed it.. No krinkles. Saturday I dragged a table out of the garage and into the dining room and used that to lay out fabric to […]

Cheap linen is cheap

So Saturday I got 14 yards of 45″ wide natural linen for $2/yd (SCORE). The responsible sewing gremlin demanded that I whack of a hunk of it off(~100 inches) for my Viborg project and throw it in the wash on “hot/hot” and abuse the snot […]

Starting Rumbles

Next project is a reproduction of the Viborg shirt. The plan is to sew this on my commute since it’s all hand sewing. Long term plan is to resize this to fit my boy. Short term plan it to make it in it’s original size […]

Viborg Shirt

Project started Feb 10, 2010. Progress: Finished April 19, 2010. Actual sewing March 29-April 19. (though, really only 7-12 hrs total.) Summary At Pennsic in 2008 I had the good luck of sitting in on a class about the different stitches used in the Viborg […]