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Kragelund Tunic: Simplified Pattern

Kragelund Tunic: Simplified Pattern

My notes about the original Kragelund tunic are saved in another post. I recommend reading that for more background information. Quick paraphrase: – Tunic made of Wool found in Fattiggårdens mose near the village Kragelund, north west of Silkeborg, Denmark (also approximately 15 miles south […]

Viking Age Clothing Annotated Bibliography

Viking Age Clothing Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography of books and articles about viking age clothing. This has also been copied over to the Viking Clothing group on FaceBook.

Kragelund Tunic

The Nederfrederiksmose Man (also known as Kraglund Man or Frederiksdal Man) was found May 25th 1898 in Fattiggårdens mose near the village Kragelund, north west of Silkeborg, Denmark (also approximately 15 miles south of Viborg, Denmark). The man wore a kirtle of coarse woolen cloth, […]

The Tale of a Tunic AKA: How I learned to do the Vandyke stitch

Once upon a time, at a Pennsic long long ago (2011) I made a tunic for my love. Somehow we’d gotten to site and my love had zero short sleeved tunics. To remedy this I dragged him off to Merchant’s Row where we purchased fabric […]

Viking clothing musings

In-ter-esting. Brenda Gerritsma on the Viking Clothing group wrote: “Laxdæla saga, Ch 35: Gudrun asks Thord if it’s true his wife Aud always wears breeches with gores in the crotch like a man’s, and leg bindings almost down to her shoes. Later, he asks her […]

Påsbyxor aka “Viking Rus Pants”: simplified modern construction

This pattern is for a 3x-4x man. These require ~4-5 yards of modern width fabric (You can squeeze them out of 4 yards if it’s at least 52″ wide, otherwise, 5 yards). I’ve made them with medium to heavy weight linen. I think these would […]

Påsbyxor aka “Viking Rus Pants”: Background and Research

Diary started June 4, 2010. Copied a pattern from a friend’s pants (simplified modern construction). Made first and second pair of pant on July 1, 2012. I’m making Påsbyxor for Fearghus. These are the oversized Viking pants. Pants that say “Look at my mobility WHEEE […]

The neckline

I’m making Fearghus a new fighting tunic and decided to give it the same sort of neckline as the Viborg shirt. His neck is 18.5 inches. I mathified this (C=2pi*r) and figured out the radius of the circle that is his neck and then cut […]

Viborg Shirt Finished

I just finished the last last stitch on my initial copy of the Viborg shirt. Really I took 3-4 days off on sewing it. The thread I was using was a very chunky linen thread that shreded and broke a lot. I found this very […]