Dress of the Court of Saxony

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Well it happened. Purgatorio occured. I got lots of compliments. I took a camera but of course completely forgot to take any pictures. I’m hoping other people took pictures and post them in the next few days. The dress was wearable.. and even relatively comfortable. […]

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2 days until Purg Yesterday my company took all of us to a baseball game. I brought my caul and started sewing pearls onto it. It turns out that you can make good progress on sewing down pearls to a caul at a baseball game.. […]

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3 days until Purg Here’s where I am now. Skirt is attached but not yet hemmed. I think it’s a little bit too long. Also, I do -not- like the way the pleats are sitting. After Purg I might pull the skirt off and re-do […]

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5 days until Purg Turns out the skirt is 46″ by 250″. That’s about 7 yards of skirt. Sheesh. I just barely had enough wool (good thing I bought 10 yards). Saturday was spent sewing on the guards. There are three of them. I ran […]

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Last night was sewing night. Edith dropped by late (10:30-ish). She (again) matched up the straps and pinned them (this time we used safety pins so they won’t fall out). I marked the length of the brustfleck (7″ tall x width of the white insert) […]

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I tried, really hard, to get the fashion fabric attached without having the seam allowances of the linen shell on the outside. In the end I couldn’t get it to work along the front edge (it did work along the side-back seams). So I seam-ripped […]

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Finally I have some pictures to show! Gratuitous boob shot from my honey. I guess this is what I get when I ask him to take pictures 🙂 Generally I like how it’s fitting and looking. In specific there are a few problems. I think […]

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Too hot to work in sewing room. That room’s on the north-west side of the house and gets all the afternoon sun. I ironed the linen for the insert but couldn’t work up the energy to cut it out and piece it together. Instead I […]

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So very close. Monday I stopped at Lacis and picked up Lacing Stays. They are -so- the bomb. Fearghus trimmed them to the correct length and helped me to set the grommets in them. Tuesday afternoon I attached them to the shell. Tuesday night I […]

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I am again reminded that I need to try harder when I’m using a pattern. When you’re making something that’s closely fitted to your skin you really really need to make sure you don’t (say) accidentally add 1/2 inch to each side of all of […]