Thrum cap (aka: objectionable dreadlocks hat)

Thrum cap (aka: objectionable dreadlocks hat)

Thrum Cap started August 3, 2018. Finished August 20, 2018. Fulled August 21 and 22. From Merriam-Webster Thrum noun Definition of thrum 1 a (1) : a fringe of warp threads left on the loom after the cloth has been removed (2) : one of […]

Halscleet – Antwerpen white linen partlet

Halscleet – Antwerpen white linen partlet

Antwerpen White linen partlet started May 12, 2018. Finished June 9, 2018. Special thanks to Aleit Pietersdochter over at The New Cut who is working on documenting 16th century Dutch costuming terms and dug up the terms “Halscleet”/”Halsdouck”/”halscleer” which seem to be the proper name […]

When is a hood not a hood? When it’s a bonnet and frontlet.. unless it isn’t.

A while ago I found myself fascinated with a hat. I blame Tullia. Happily the hat is limited both chronologically and geographically. As far as I can tell this headgear was popular from 1485-1515 in northern France/Brittany and the Netherlands. Even more happily that seems […]


Diary started Feb 23, 2010. Gollar first worn Sunday December 4, 2011. Summary German dresses are lovely.. but if you leave your tata’s uncovered they’re going to get cold. I’ve wanted to make a Gollar for a long time. A Gollar is a short, sometimes […]

Hemd II

My original Hemd was a good first attempt.. but after several months of wearing it I’ve decided it could do with a little improvement. Since I’m deathly allergic to altering garments that I need to wear I instead decided to make a new hemd. Here’s […]

Bones.. and that damned hemd :D

I ended up adding short bones under the hook/eye tape on either side of the front opening. As a happy coincidence the tapes are almost exactly wide enough to hold the bones. So it was very easy to tuck them into place. The bones are […]

Wulsthaube Mark 2: What -I- did

I don’t -know- what was actually used as the unterhaube.. so I’m taking my best guess. It turns out that using something -like- the St. Brigitta coif is actually very convenient. It ties on top of the head and the steuchlin is tensioned over it […]

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The hemd came out beautifully. Running it through the wash did rumple it a little but it was easily revived with a quick ironing. I did find that the collar may be a bit too tall for my neck. When I tie it closed it […]

Progress: Smocking done

At Mists Investiture this last weekend I finished the last of the smocking. I think it’s beau-ti-ful (click to embiggen). I’ve removed the pleating threads and stretched it out a little. After all the smocking the neck came out a little bit bigger than 50% […]


Along with my Trossfrau/Swiss Dress I need an appropriate hemd(chemise). Inspirational Pictures Plan There are several acceptable styles(high neck, low neck, rounded neck, etc). I’ve decided I like a high-necked front-opening hemd with honey-comb smocking at the neck. When I made the shirt for Fearghus’ […]