Yellow Cote (late 14th – early 15th Century)

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We got to 12th night and I finished the last eyelet in the hotel room (it wouldn’t be 12th night if I wasn’t madly sewing in the room.) It’s done!! It’s done!! Post Mortem It turns out that I didn’t completely remove some of the […]

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One sleeve is done. Just one more to go. I decided to hand sew the sleeves as it gives them the right look. I’m using back stitches to attach them to the body of the garment and then a running stitch across the seam at […]

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Edith came over and graciously agreed to help me fit sleeves for the dress. We fit them tight and then marked where the “real” seam should be. Then I cut them apart and moved the gap to the edge so that the “real” seam would […]

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Finished hem. I also finished most of the neck opening. Flying back to California tomorrow.

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I instructed my cousin Mary (15 years old) how to mark the hem. She did a fine job for her first ever hem. Started hand sewing hem.

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Yet more eyelets. Finished all but one eyelet. Good enough to try the dress on and mark the hem. When I went to try on the dress I realized that the lace that I’d set aside for this dress was too short. I fingerlooped a […]