Stake Loops

We have a Panther Pavillion Regent Tent. I -love- it.

BUT I don’t love they way they do their stake loops. They have a fabric loop which the stake goes through. When you drive this to the ground you end up with the sharp edges of the stake wearing on the fabric.. and you also end up with canvas which is in direct contact with .. and sometimes driven into the ground. After several years of use these loops have started to look stained and tattered.

At West An Tir War this year one of our stake loops tore as we were setting up the tent. We managed to temporarily fix it with a couple of rivets and a quick bit of hand stitchery..but this definitely isn’t the strong and reassuring stake loops I’d like to have on my pavillion at Pennsic.

So.. I finally did something that’s been on my to-do list for a long time.. and I borrowed a friend’s Super Strong Industrial sewing machine (a Heavy Duty Singer from 1937) and replaced all the stake loops at the bottom of my tent (20 stake loops total).

For each replacement loop I used ~10″ of acrylic webbing which I got at Joann’s Fabric.. and some soldiered rings (#4 x 1-1/4″) from Ace Hardware.


Old Firepit
Purchased from DragonWing Pavilions

I want a new firepit… calling it a firepit is misleading… I want a mobile cooking station that could accomodate a 30-50 person feast without need of a feast kitchen (or something that can compliment a feast kitchen).
For some reason cooking at event is one of the things that really excites me about the SCA. The potential of creating an authentic experience of the middle ages with food just does it for me. Somehow the idea of serving spit-roasted venison with furmenty cooked in a cauldron over an open fire really makes me happy.

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Tent Rugs

4’x6′ Indoor/outdoor recycled plastic rugs. $36

4 would be just about all of the inside of the Regent.. tempted.

Peri-oid looking cooler

Paper mache over a cooler to get a cooler cooler (that looks like a leather trunck).

Portable House

A merchant tent from Pennsic
I can’t imagine “building” a house at every event… but it’s impressive.


When SCA camping, trees are a luxury. Usually we don’t end up with any in our camping allotment. That and since we covet Eric space, trees are hard to come by. That means we either have to suffer in the sun (no fun at all) or make our own shade. Option two is the option of choice. There’s not a whole lot published about sunshades.
I’m a software engineer not a structural engineer. This means that although I can envision beautiful concoctions, I don’t know if they will stand up to the lightest wind. This also means that making my own sunshade has been a long (and ongoing) learning curve.

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Camp Kitchen

Very cool camp kitchen setup:
Found here:
From author (
Also, we incorporated our need for coolers as “ice-boxes” which allow
us to place blocks of ice or dry ice in the top with shelves for the food
in them as the “base” of the kitchen, and then place a wood counter-top
over them and top that with folding kitchen boxes that are pre-stocked
with spices, paper towels, tools and utensils needed for cooking.

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Cooler Basket


Cooler that doubles as seating and looks peri-oid.


Wedge Tent

In July 2005 I finally published my instructions for How to make a wedge tent.
Here’s a couple of backup, historical links to go with those instructions.

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