“The Science of Cooking”

I’m very please to be able to host a newly translated cookbook. Gwyn Chwith ap Llyr (Glenn Gorsuch) had a 16th century Hungarian cookbook translated and has allowed me to host a copy. Enjoy.


Copied directly from Wulfric’s LJ entry. ( 3-lb beef eye of round roast, no more than 3″ in diameter Spice cure: 1 ounce kosher salt 2 Tbsp sugar 3/4 tsp curing salt #2 1 1/2 tsp ground black pepper 1 Tbsp chopped rosemary 2 tsp […]

Furmenty and venison

Almost universally all of the late 14th/early 15th century menus I looked at included venison with furmenty in the first course. I was determined to be able to serve that. It just seemed right for a feast where the theme was “Hunt and Harvest”. Very […]

Fylettes in galytyne

From The Forme of Cury(1390)( FYLETTES IN GALYTYNE. C. XVII. Take Pork, and rost it tyl the blode be tryed out & þe broth [1]. take crustes of brede and bray hem in a morter, an drawe hem thurgh a cloth with þe broth, þenne […]


Tourte To make a tart (Tourte) Goodman, p. 183. To make a tart, take four handfulls of beets, two handfulls of parsley, a handful of chervil, a sprig of fennel and two handfuls of spinach, and pick them over and wash them in cold water, […]

Winter Squash Soup Fringed with Saffron

Winter Squash Soup Fringed with Saffron GOURDS. Menagier de Paris (under soups) Let the rind be peeled, for that is best: and always if you want the insides, let the seeds be removed, though it is said that the rind is worth more, then cut […]


SALLET SALAT. XX.III. XVI. Cury, 1390 Take persel, sawge, garlec, chibolles, oynouns, leek, borage, myntes, porrectes [1], fenel and ton tressis [2], rew, rosemarye, purslarye [3], laue and waische hem clene, pike hem, pluk hem small wiþ þyn [4] honde and myng hem wel with […]

Decorated Rice

Decorated Rice Decorated Rice Goodman of Paris RICE for a meat day. Pick it over and wash in two or three changes of hot water, and put to dry on the fire, then add boiling cow’s milk, and grind up saffron to colour it yellow: […]

Black Pepper Sauce

Black Pepper Sauce Forme of Cury, c. 1390 Take brede and fry it in grece. Draw it up with broth and vynegar. Take thereto powdor of peper and salt and sette it on the fyre. Boile it and mess it forth. 208. Black Pepper [Sauce]. […]

Lemon and Lime Peels

Lemon and Lime Peels To Make Candied Orange Peel, Goodman, p. 202. To make candied orange peel, divide the peel of one orange into five quarters and scrape with a knife to remove the white part inside, then put them to soak in good sweet […]