Siege Cooking Competition at A&S Trouney July 2006

Here was the layout and rules for the Siege Cooking Competition at the A&S Tourney on July 21-23.

Market Basket Challenge

You’re given a basket of food, to make dinner for yourself and 5 other people, including the religious leader in your community. (If your community doesn’t have a religious leader, you can substitute the mayor or some other important person.) You get: 1/2 chicken, 1 […]

Feast Ingredients

Getting Herb in Berkeley: Squab (young pigeon) and Poussin (young or spring chicken)

Slightly Post Period Chocolate Drink

Juana Isabella posted this on West-cooks yahoogroup. ************* Slightly Post Period Chocolate Drink Sources I got the information below from page 36 and 37 of The Feudal Gourmet: A Brief Overview of Early Spanish Cuisine, edited by Eden Rain, published by the Madrone Culinary Guild. […]

Medieval Cookware

Medieval cookware is an on-going but often neglected topic of interest for me. I’m utterly fascinated with the idea that the implements influence the food and cooking choices. My dream is to someday cook a meal using only period cookware and techniques. Ideas I want […]

Cinnamon tart – a good way to use up egg whites

Meta Feast Information

Good article, Cost analysis fo feasts Good article about period and adapted SCA feast service practice. this is the wholesale place that sells game and the public….

Bread Trenchers

Washing dishes is a sucky camp duty. It’s an icky job and it’s not terribly fun.. and there are about a hundred other things you’d rather be doing at event. After this last Estrella (2006) my camp suggested we start using paper plates. Outside of […]

Furmenty and venison

Almost universally all of the late 14th/early 15th century menus I looked at included venison with furmenty in the first course. I was determined to be able to serve that. It just seemed right for a feast where the theme was “Hunt and Harvest”. Very […]

Fylettes in galytyne

From The Forme of Cury(1390)( FYLETTES IN GALYTYNE. C. XVII. Take Pork, and rost it tyl the blode be tryed out & þe broth [1]. take crustes of brede and bray hem in a morter, an drawe hem thurgh a cloth with þe broth, þenne […]