Sylvie’s Feast Planning Cheat Sheet

The Plan: This is the skeleton of the plan when I start. To this plan I can add or remove courses and/or dishes. I can move dishes between courses as appropriate. This is only the plan. Day board(served at 10-12): Meat soup and/or Vegetarian soup […]

Beaconsgate Boar Hunt (2008)

First course: Venison with Furmenty (venison in gravy with a wheat berry side) Capoun in Salome (Chicken in a saffron almond milk sauce) Buttered Wortes (wilted greens in butter) Pies de Payrse (Pork pies with currants, dates and cinnamon) Soppes Dorrey (Onion Soup) Second course: […]

Beaconsgate Boar Hunt A.S. XL (2005)

Boar hunt 2005 is the second feast I’ve ever cooked. I started out with very big plans. Life intervened. The feast still came off well.. but I ended up re-using a lot of recipes from my last feast. Theme: “Hunt and Harvest” First Course: Furmenty […]

Mists Bardic Feast September 11, A. S. XXXIX (2004)

Mists Bardic Feast September 11, A. S. XXXIX Bard of the Mists: Lady Elsa Saxenkammer Head Cuisinière: Lady Sylvie la chardonnière Autocrat: Lady Edith de Laufare First service from the sideboard (12:30-ish) Pique the appetite. Tasty things that make you hungry. Sausages served cold Savoury […]