Apprenticing Eva Hundsdotter

On the 24th day of March Anno Societatis LII, 2018 in the common reckoning, on the Sitientes which is the eve of the Feast of the Annunciation, the feast day of St. Hildelith, abbess of Barking Hereford, at the March Crown of the West Kingdom, Hans and Helga as the undoubted King and Queen of the West, I took to indenture Eva Hundsdotter as my apprentice. It is my undoubted pleasure to guide and mentor her.

As part of the ceremony we had a chirograph drawn up. This is a medieval document, which has been written in duplicate, (or triplicate or very occasionally quadruplicate) on a single piece of parchment and then cut through to separate the parts. Unfortunately because of last minute changes the document was not present at the indenturing ceremony. Once we have signed that document I will add pictures of it and the text from the document here.

My undying thanks to Duchess Patricia who took this photograph of the ceremony with Eva’s soon-to-be-apprentice-sister Treásach looking on proudly from the background.

Mistress Sylvie la chardonnière

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