Month: January 2015

Making a kirtle to wear under my kirtles

I’m faced once again with shrinking out of my fitted kirtle (I know, rough problem to have). This means I again need to re-fit my bodice pattern and make new clothes. I hate that. I mean I have four workable if slightly big dresses which […]

Erik’s Waffenrock

Planning began December 9, 2014. Outfit first worn January 3, 2015. Summary While working on the outfits for Coenwulf, Katla and Kolskegg I was repeatedly struck by how very cute it would be if I dressed my son, Erik (13 months), in a waffenrock. Especially […]

Coenwulf’s Waffenrock

Planning began December 2012. Oufit finished November 22, 2014. Summary A while ago Coenwulf traded me a Kitchen Aid mixer for a waffenrock. For many different valid and invalid reasons this has taken a lot longer than expected. Many thanks to Coenwulf for his patience. […]