Tabletweaving Technique: Weft management

This past weekend I ended up doing some tabletweaving in the park during our weekly fighter practice. Someone watched me for a while and then commented that although they’d done tabletweaving before they hadn’t dealt with the weft the same way that I I figured it might be worthwhile to document how I deal with my weft.

I honestly don’t remember where I originally learned about this method. I’ve been using it for the last 9-10 years. This is what I do to keep my band width consistent and to keep my weft from peeking out too much at the edges.

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2 comments to Tabletweaving Technique: Weft management

  • Ann

    I’ve just stumbled onto your blog via Google, and wanted to thank you for the patterns and info you’ve shared.

    One thing – I’m interested in the look if the loom you’re using in the pix, but can’t see enough of it to work out the structure properly. I’m demonstrating at a couple of our county shows this year, and I’d like to find an inexpensive type of loom – possibly to make myself – so I can have several for people to have a go on. I use an inkle myself, but can’t afford to buy half a dozen of them! Could you possibly give me some info about your loom please – it looks small, portable and easy to set up, so would be ideal, especially if it’s one you made yourself.
    Many thanks

  • Sylvie

    Hi Ann,
    The loom in these pictures is my simple board loom. I put up an entry about the loom here:

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