Month: July 2012

Cobalt Kirtle

Blue short-sleeved waisted cotehardie started July 30,2012 then I paused and didn’t work on it during Pennsic (8/2-8/13). Finished on 8/22. Third time’s the charm. Based on my success with my Black Kirtle (kirtle, cote, gothic fitted dress, whatever you want to call it) and […]

Stake Loops

We have a Panther Pavillion Regent Tent. I -love- it. BUT I don’t love they way they do their stake loops. They have a fabric loop which the stake goes through. When you drive this to the ground you end up with the sharp edges […]

Påsbyxor aka “Viking Rus Pants”: Background and Research

Diary started June 4, 2010. Copied a pattern from a friend’s pants (simplified modern construction). Made first and second pair of pant on July 1, 2012. I’m making Påsbyxor for Fearghus. These are the oversized Viking pants. Pants that say “Look at my mobility WHEEE […]