Month: June 2012


Diary started June 21, 2012 Summary Winter is coming… and although winter in California is not exactly awash in ice and blowing snow.. I still would like to be prepared. Currently in the SCA when it gets cold I put on my heavy wool coat […]

Link: Cranach Digital Archive

Of immense interest: Cranach Digital Archive

Kentish: New book

New book. I’m giddy with happy. Buckland Anglo-Saxon Cemetery, Dover. Excavations 1994 (Archaeology of Canterbury) Very nice details about the textiles.. especially nice details about the tablet weaving. I need to re-read it in more depth.. but I expect many good things to come from […]

15th Century Tailed Cap (aka: Flemish Kerchief)

Inspirational Pictures What I see: White, probably linen, head thingy which appears to wrap around the back of the head and then ties (possibly a square knot) on the top of the head. The front has a flap which can either be forward or folded […]