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3-lb beef eye of round roast, no more than 3″ in diameter Spice cure: 1 ounce kosher salt 2 Tbsp sugar 3/4 tsp curing salt #2 1 1/2 tsp ground black pepper 1 Tbsp chopped rosemary 2 tsp fresh thyme 5 juniper berries, lightly crushed

Combine all the […]

Pictures or it never happened

I ended up sewing together the hat and parts of the sleeves on the road-trip to Montana.. and after the wedding I ended up sewing on two more buttons before Coronet.. but it looked lovely.

At Nate and Dusty’s wedding 5/21/2011:



Beltane 2011 Post Mortem

I day-tripped Beltane. That trip turned out to be much shorter than I remembered it.. it only took about two hours to drive up there.. it took longer than it should have because I noticed my “low fuel” light had flashed on when I was half way up the mountain. I could probably have made […]

Blue and Black Sleeves

Hunting near Hartenfels Castle, 1540, The Cleveland Museum of Art


What I see Blue and black sleeves. The blue matches the dress and the black appears to be the same as the guarding on the bodice. The blue is slashed and bubbles along the arm. White (probably linen) pokes out of the […]

Blue and Black ToDo List

[updating as progress occurs] Materials: (done)6+ yards of material (outer fabric)(usually wool) Deep blue med/heavy weight wool (done)2 yards of linen (to line the bodice and sleeves) Black Linen (done)5 yards of light linen (to make the white poofs in the sleeves) White Linen (done)2+ yards of guard fabric (or ribbons) Oodles of 5/8″ Black […]

Fabric Sale

The great fabric cull has begun. My stash is bulging and it’s time to clear some of this stuff out.

Send questions to: Sylvie@fibergeek.com. Shipping and handling will be added to purchases where the fabric needs to be mailed.

I will be attending West Kingdom Beltane and I’m willing to bring the fabric there.

toolTips(‘.classtoolTips2’,’The […]

Mists Spring Coronet 2011 Post Mortem

I day-tripped to Mists Coronet. Fearghus has Saturday classes for the next month or so and it’s just easier to day-trip than to all-out camp. I’d be tempted to skip the events.. except that I’m on multiple overlapping courts and I do want to be as helpful as I possibly can be.

The day was […]

Tellerbarret and Goldhaube


What I see: Blue hat, the outer edge is round. I can’t really see what’s going on the with crown but I plan to do a square crown that folds inwards. Two curled white feathers. Feathers have gold bits at the end possibly beads(?).

I want the square points to extend almost all […]

1540 Blue&Black Swiss Gown

Diary started April 6, 2011 Finished: May 21, 2011


My brother is getting married in May and I’m in the wedding party. My instructions are to make “a blue dress I’ll wear again in the future” and that “SCA clothes are fine”. With that in mind I determined to make a version of the […]