Kampfrau (Trossfrau)

Pics or it never happened

Sunday was the first run with the new Kampfrau dress.

– Wulsthaube worked fantastically well. I will be publishing my “how to” as soon as I finish writing it (and include pictures).(Published here)
– Dress and hemd were “done”
– Vertical stripy socks are cool. I’ll need to buy more of these.

– I’m still fat.. no dress is going to suddenly make me thin 🙂 that said, it was still very flattering.
– The front of the dress is kind of zigzagging on the hook/eyes. I think I’ll add a reinforcement to each side to cut down on this zigzag.
– Shoes still need to break in. I didn’t get any blisters from them but my feet definitely hurt.
– The dress was wearable.. but a bit warm. I think if I had strappy sleeves it would have been more bearable. This was OK for Coronet.. and will be OK for Fall events.. but for summer I’ll need to wear/make something else.

Picture taken by Edith

Picture taken by Edith
Picture by Julianna. Me and my Lord, Fearghus
Picture by Julianna

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