Kampfrau (Trossfrau)

Down to the wire

I see the end.  It’s over there. I’m supposed to wear the dress for the first time in 5 days. I think I’ll have it all done in time (I’m hopeful that I won’t be madly finishing hand stitches on Saturday morning).

Still left to do:

– Finish Hemd(Plan to finish this tonight)

  • Line the collar
  • Add ties
  • Add sleeves and gussets
  • Wash (to remove the blue marks)

– Finish Wulsthaube(Plan to work on this today on commute and finish on Wednesday)

  • Attach Wulst to new cap
  • Add looped strap

Nice to have:
– Add guards to dress.  They’re machine sewn on the top and hand appliqued on the bottom.  I can -wear- the dress as long as they’re attached.. but I’d really like to finish them at some point. (Plan to hand-sew these tomorrow night)
– Bind the sleeve seams.(stretch goal for tonight or tomorrow)
– Bind the 3 seams inside the dress.(stretch goal for tonight or tomorrow)

Stretch goals that I won’t get done by this deadline (but still want to track for future projects):
– Gollar
– New flat hat
– Apron (I may prep the fabric for this and work on it on-site this weekend)


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