Month: May 2010


Old Firepit Purchased from DragonWing Pavilions I want a new firepit… calling it a firepit is misleading… I want a mobile cooking station that could accomodate a 30-50 person feast without need of a feast kitchen (or something that can compliment a feast kitchen). For […]

Progress: Smocking done

At Mists Investiture this last weekend I finished the last of the smocking. I think it’s beau-ti-ful (click to embiggen). I’ve removed the pleating threads and stretched it out a little. After all the smocking the neck came out a little bit bigger than 50% […]

Down to the wire

I see the end.  It’s over there. I’m supposed to wear the dress for the first time in 5 days. I think I’ll have it all done in time (I’m hopeful that I won’t be madly finishing hand stitches on Saturday morning). Still left to […]

Cover Thy Head

Things which are curiously similar: St Brigitta coif(12th-16th century) Maciejowski Bible women’s “coif”(French origin 1244-1254 AD) Jorvik Silk cap (Viking woman head gear from the 11th century) How the Jorvik cap is -currently- interpreted: I’m reading over the descriptions I can find of the Jorvik […]


Along with my Trossfrau/Swiss Dress I need an appropriate hemd(chemise). Inspirational Pictures Plan There are several acceptable styles(high neck, low neck, rounded neck, etc). I’ve decided I like a high-necked front-opening hemd with honey-comb smocking at the neck. When I made the shirt for Fearghus’ […]

The neckline

I’m making Fearghus a new fighting tunic and decided to give it the same sort of neckline as the Viborg shirt. His neck is 18.5 inches. I mathified this (C=2pi*r) and figured out the radius of the circle that is his neck and then cut […]