Month: April 2010

Unterhaube -> Brigitta Coif?

Idle wonderings. Might the under part of the wulsthaube be based on something like the cap commonly known as the “St. Brigitta’s cap”? It would make a very convenient structure that: – would contain long hair. – wouldn’t pull your hair when you put it […]

Blue and White Byzantines

For 12th night January 2010 Fearghus was supposed to wear Byzantines. Instead we attended a wake and memorial. Anyway, because we didn’t go to 12th night I actually took alot more time finishing this garb. I used the “Feaghus Sized” patterns from my QnD Tunic […]

Brass Veil Pins

These pins from Wooded Hamlet Designs are lovely and tasty. Esp at $2.25/24 pins. Gotta get me some of that.

[Edited to add: Yoink. Orders two packets of them. NOM NOM NOM]

[Edited again to add: the pins arrived. They’re a little thinner than I would like. They’ll do for now but I’ll keep my eyes open for some truly stout brass pins. Idaknow.. I’ll use them for a while.. I may just be being needlessly worried about them.]

Wulsthaube Mark 1

Last night I finally tried on my first (acceptable for public view) wulsthaube. I’ve been futzing with fabric and directions for a while and finally I got something I could put on my head and photograph on my head dummy. Wulst: I made a long […]


Interesting Stumble-upons: The Colorful Iron Age Interesting conclusions about Medieval/Iron Age dyes and mordants. Researchers dyed some wool samples and then simulated aerobic and anaerobic burial conditions. “The dyes included madder, cochineal, Brazilwood, indigo, weld, and walnut, and the mordants included alum, copper, cream of […]

Skinny Little No Veggie Eating Hick!

So.. so I get some of the seams now.. but I’m still perplexed by others.

Viborg Sleeve Seam
Take the sleeve seam. Part A is “getting rid of the raw edges”. I get that.. but I don’t get why we used a running stitch through the two folds instead of a simple overcast stitch or even a running stitch to just hold the edge down. If I’d used a running stitch it’d lie flat… as it is, when you do sleeve stitch part B you end up with this odd little.. band around the outside of the sleeve.

I mean I get that the shirt (and therefore teh Danes by extension) seems to favor Overcast stitches and funny little half overcast, half running stitches.. But honestly.. they used a running stitch while they were doing the flatfelled seam on the left sleeve.. why couldn’t they just use it to hold down the doublefold on the sleeve? Hell, even a simple overcast seam like they did on the hems would have made the sleeve lie flatter. /sigh I’m just perplexed by it.

Anyway.. finished the fixation stitches(front and back), finished the sleeves, finished the waist seams (front and back), attached the sleeves to the garment.. and finished the side seams.

Yeah, the shirt is small.. we’re talking like skinny twelve-year-old boy who doesn’t eat his veggies small. I honestly don’t think I know anyone that small.

So.. I’ve started planning for the -next- shirt.. the one I’ll be sizing up to fit Fearghus. More to follow.

OH… Also I think I’ll teach a class about the Viborg shirt in June at the Kingdom A&S. I should have good notes.. and a fantastic “look-I-made-this” example shirt. 😛 I think just reviewing the pattern and going over the different seams would fill up a class period. Hmm I guess that means I’ll need to makeup a handout.