Skirt: The Fiddly Bits

Gaposis Before the hooks were added and the opening was finished

Inside the front opening. The fiddly bits.
The bottom of the bodice is smaller than my hips. In order to be able to get into/out of the dress I needed to leave a slightly longer opening. To hide this I want to slightly overlap the front skirt closure.

The right-hand side of the skirt ends flush with the right hand side of the bodice. The left-hand side is about 3 inches longer and attaches inside the dress with hooks. Finally there’s one last hook right at the very bottom front of the bodice to get rid of the gaposis.

The opening is hemmed and then reinforced at the bottom(just a bunch of whip stitches so I don’t accidentally pull the stitching out when putting the dress on). The rest of the front of the skirt is closed with a french seam.

Next To-Do:
Mark hem and trim.
Add Guards.

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