Sleeves (said with fear and horror)

I’ve only ever draped sleeves.. or left them for last and just kind of faked it. This time I want to draft a pattern so I have a sleeve pattern to use on my next dress. I’m planning to make a bunch of German dresses so it seems silly to have to fake the sleeves […]

Skirt: The Fiddly Bits

Gaposis Before the hooks were added and the opening was finished

Inside the front opening. The fiddly bits.

The bottom of the bodice is smaller than my hips. In order to be able to get into/out of the dress I needed to leave a slightly longer opening. To hide this I want to slightly […]

Skirt: Done except for fiddly bits (and guards)

Successful sewing day.. all by hand.

Dress Sans Sleeves

– Because I’m an idiot.. I had to go back and fold in the bottom edge of the bodice so I had a finished edge (next time I’ll just sew it right by machine before I put the blasted thing all together). I did this […]

Pics or it never happened

Click to embiggen.

Front of the shirt

Back of the shirt

Closer view of front

Neck opening detail

Closeup of Sleeve seam

The Gusset

Closeup of the skirt overlap

Closeup of the front fixative stitch


Rivetted Iron Cauldrons

From The Jelling Dragon “Our Cauldrons are entirely hand made by a master blacksmith. They are beaten from individual steel plates which are then riveted together. They have been sealed to make them waterproof. The handle is hand made from decorative twisted steel. They are authentic copies of original designs.” ~$120 US


Bone Spectacle Frames

Bone Spectacle Frames

These totally make me wish I needed reading glasses at events. Available from “Carved in Bone” $250 reading glasses.

Viborg Shirt Finished

I just finished the last last stitch on my initial copy of the Viborg shirt. Really I took 3-4 days off on sewing it. The thread I was using was a very chunky linen thread that shreded and broke a lot. I found this very frustrating and had to take a bit of time off […]

Skirt: the pleating

Sunday was for pleats (not all day.. but a good chunk of it). I’m totally cheating.. and I’m ok with that. For pleating the skirt I’m going to use a cheater strip of gingam. I’m relatively certain -they- wouldn’t have done this.. but I’m fundamentally ok with the cheat.

I found a nice woven-in gingham […]

Luttrell Psalter the Film

V. interesting. I’m tempted to get a DVD of it just to have lovely garments to drool over. (site)

Guided by the detailed and often humorous images of everyday life from the Luttrell Psalter, the Luttrell Psalter Film gives a unique glimpse of a year in the life of a medieval village. Filmed over […]


Saturday was about German-ating. I started the day with a nice fitting single layer of linen bodice mockup pattern and end the day with a mostly complete bodice.

I clipped my seams on my mockup to 1/4 inch. Then I seam ripped my mockup apart. Using these pieces I cut two copies in linen and […]