Month: March 2010

Viborg Progress

Monday: Finished up the right sleeve overcast seam on the commute home. Tuesday: Completed the shoulder seam. (which I then ripped out on Wednesday. Doh) The shoulder seam Sewn from the “inside” of the garment. The shoulder seam attaches the front and back linings to […]

Viborg Shirt Observations, Conjecture and Puzzlement

Gusset and Neck Hole The gussets are almost exactly the same size as the neck holes.  It would be convenient, and save fabric to make the gussets out of the fabric removed to make the neck holes. Fabric Width and Pieced Lining I assume that […]

Front Lining

Sunday morning I bought some more linen. I very carefully found linen of the right weight, with a firm selvedge, that (at least reported that it) was 100% linen. I washed and dried this and FINALLY cut out all the pieces. This linen is -still- […]

Living History Podcast

Found mention of a reenactor podcast, “Living History Podcast“, on one of the email lists I follow. I haven’t listened to it yet but I have added it to my downloads.

Tent Rugs

4’x6′ Indoor/outdoor recycled plastic rugs. $36 4 would be just about all of the inside of the Regent.. tempted.

Groking the Pattern

Cheap krinkle linen is put away. Probably will use it for a chemise or somesuch. Got new linen and washed it.. No krinkles. Saturday I dragged a table out of the garage and into the dining room and used that to lay out fabric to […]

German Playing Cards

16th Century German Playing Cards. A total steal at $6.95. from The Tutor Shoppe Now I just need to learn some period card games. [Edited to add:] Introduction to Period Card Games More Period Card Games Still More Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Card Games


Bulge cap Diary started Feb 26, 2010. Progress: Finished May 28, 2010. Summary Headgear -makes- an outfit. It’s the line between right and “can’t put my finger on something wrong”. The Wulsthaube is a particularly German late 15th/16th century headcovering. Research and Background From Textiler […]

My sewing muse is a BITCH

First she disappears for like 3 years. THEN when she finally comes back and starts hinting about how spiff it’d be to wear Germans.. and I actually start sewing.. ONLY THEN does she remind me that I’ve totally forgotten how to sew fitted garments.. and […]

Material gathering, mockup 1 and plans for mockup 2

I know, I know it’s been a while. I lost my sewing muse.. but eventually I found her. Anyway. In thinking about it, a light grey kampfrau dress may not be the best idea for.. you know.. camping. So, change in plan. I’ve set aside […]