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Posted in: Landsknecht Waffenrock, 1517

I added the sleeves 26x30 (30 is the length of the arm) and gusset (8.5"x8.5"). Because I started with 60" wide linen it's plenty roomy. No need to add gores.

The sleeves are about 10 inches longer than his arms. This is on purpose. I added cuffs and gathered (knife pleated) the sleeve into the cuff. This gives the shirt nice poofy sleeves. I'll add laces to the cuffs so they stay around his wrist.

I fingerloop braided a nice long 5-strand braid in white silk. I used this to make the ties at the collar.

The shirt is done except for the laces at the wrist and finishing the neck slit. I'll do the laces tonight. I want to wait until the Waffe is finished before I finish the neck-slit opening. Just to make sure it's long enough.

I wanted to get a picture of this last night.. but he insisted that he should shave before any pictures were taken. So no pictures yet.

July 27, later that evening

I attached lacing rings on one of the sleeves. Then Fearghus and I both decided that it'd be better if it used buttons. Removed lacing rings. Added buttons and loops. Much nicer. Don't you agree?

At this point I'm going to call the shirt 98% done and move on to the next project. I still need to do the following:

  • finish neck slit
  • open sleeves a little bit further so they an be rolled up
  • cut to final length and hem

I'll come back to the shirt and finish the above.. probably after I make the Waffe.


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