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Posted in: Landsknecht Waffenrock, 1517

After looking at lots and lots and lots of pictures I've finally started on this project. The first piece I'm making for him is the undershirt. I'm making a neckline as is seen in this woodcut.

I cut out two panels of linen 60"x60". At the center of one I cut the front neck slit. I then sewed these together at the shoulders. That is at the top-right and top-left of the fabric I flatfelled the outer 10 inches* (leaving ~40" at the neck opening). Then I went around and cartridge pleated the neck. I did three strands of thread and will cover this inside and out with bands that are about 1" wide (it's about 1/2" from the selvedge edge of the fabric and the first strand.. then it's about 3/4 inch from the top strand to the bottom strand). This leaves a nice finished ruffled edge (selvege) at the neckline.

* it's about 9" from his neck to the point of his shoulder. 9" plus ~1" for seam allowance.


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