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March 3, 2006

Written Word

Irish 1100 tale.. http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/source/1100derga.html

1400 wills: http://www.kentarchaeology.org.uk/Research/Libr/Wills/Lbth/Lbthbook23.htm



Dog Coat




Glass Beads



Scadian with sources:

Teaching beadmaking:

Hollow bead tutorial:


Blowing soft glass:

Glass alchemy:

GLASS: Bangle bracelet silver coils & cool clasp


Edith wrote:
Sylvie asked for local places to do shopping. Here's
what I found. Despite stated preference to wait till
after Christmas, I strongly suggest starting shopping
now. MANY places have end-of-year or Christmas sales
ranging from 20-40% off, some offer free shipping.
Not local, but at least Cali (somewhere in Humboldt,
- claims to sell discount art glass supplies

East of Sacto by a bit (drooled at by some folks,
limited hours)
helpful website, good pre-christmas/internet
sales--get HH equivalent $23, reg $35
Retail: Mon - Fri: 10 AM - 4:00 PM, Sat: 10 AM - 1 PM
Phone hours slightly longer.

aka Rainbow glass. Classes, supplies.
Retail: Mon, Tue, Fri 10-6, Wed & Thur 10-8,
Sat. 10 -4, Sunday 11-4

Richmond, CA
We will be open the Second SATURDAY of every month
from 9:00 am to 1:00 PM Come by and see us!
(Come in at 9:00 when we open and there will be less
chance of a wait. Most people start to come by at
11:00, so wait times can be longer.)
As referenced by another site: "sells just about all
the supplies a glass artist would need!"
lots of sales that expire Dec 23

Also in Richmond...
closed on weekends, doesn't seem to do retail

Oakland, CA
don't think they have retail location, not sure they
have art-glass supplies
Seem business-y, mention glass blowing

Berkeley, CA
Classes and supplies
Retail:Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 10-5:30,
Thu 10-7, Sun 11-5

San Francisco
Retail: Tues-Sat 10:00-6:00, Sun 1:00-4:00
stained glass, not sure if they have beading stuff

walnut creek
retail location, 10-6: Tues-Sat. Website lists
classes and that they have retail - no online catalog
classes appear relatively affordable (under $100)

Mtn View
HH reg $36, sale $29
weekend classes ~$200
studio rental $6-9/hr (available only if you've taken
a formal class or have safety training)
Retail hours, 10-4 Tues-Fri, 10-3 Sat

not local, but having 30% off year end sale
classes only
spendy-spendy, focuses more on glass-blowing and
casting. classes $200-400, 3 hour studio rental $120
links list may be useful


San Jose
http://www.bagi.org/ (Bay Area Glass Institute)
mondo linkage:

* * * * * * *
propylene is industrial name of MAPP

bulk gas locally, search for welding supplies/gas

results for welding gas near San Francisco, CA
Airgas - 2.3 miles SE - 3003 3rd St - (415) 648-9353
Praxair - 2.7 miles SE - 1600 Evans Ave - (415)

results for welding gas near Oakland, CA
Liquid Carbonic - 1.4 miles NW - 2001 Peralta St -
(510) 834-0432
Alliance Gas Products - 1.4 miles NW - 2001 Peralta St
- (510) 834-9353
Mavry Welding Supply Inc - 1.5 miles NW - 2919 Union
St - (510) 433-0240

Darning Socks

Darning socks:


Lining the easy way


Viking Woman

food: http://www.sca.org.au/st_florians/university/library/articles-howtos/9-12C_Norse_Food_AR070604.htm

The account of the Hedeby harbour finds has only been published in German [1]. The following article is an annotated summary of Inga Hägg’s report on the Trägerrock. The report was translated by Rachel Kellett, and the summary written by Shelagh Lewins.


Overview of apron suppositions:

Thread Numbering

what does 60/2, 20/3 etc mean?


Viking Man

"Simple Viking Clothing for Men"

Viking men's clothing:

Viborg Shirt

Viking Coat:
Nice pattern:

The coat, also known as the "caftan" or "Rus riding coat," may have
been an explicitly eastern (Swedish/Rus) phenomenon. We have solid
evidence of it only at Birka in the ninth and tenth centuries. It is a long
coatlike overgarment, buttoned from neck to waist and decorated with
specialized and elaborate metal trimmings. The remains of five such coats
were found, each with a row of cast metal shank-buttons; several other
coats were identified which, while they had the right sort of elaborate
trimmings, had no associated buttons. Wood or bone buttons, however,
would leave little or no trace in a burial, and it is likely that these
coats were also buttoned (Hägg 1986, 68). It is thought that this
garment was borrowed or adapted from the Byzantine skaramangion, which was
the standard day garment for the Emperor and his court (Geijer 1983, 99).

Scary Viking facts:

Frog closures (not viking but thinking to use the on the coat)

Thorsberg pants Great picture:

Decent Thorsberg pattern:

i went a'viking - and found some amazing things (since
last time I was
hunting on viking garb) -

here are some quick links with brief descriptions -
but I got blown
away by some others which I have included just because
they were cool!
(and I hadn't seen) (like the LA museum exhibit on
10th century viking,
and book!)

Also, Thor Heyerdahl is finally having a movie made,
and before his
death, his last dig was in Russia - titled "the search
for Odin" (and real
historical data leading to him as a real person -
search the (
aftenposten in english) Norway's newspaper) or plunk
in Thor
Heyerdahl+aftenposten in english) Very recent

if you simply search: viking+trousers you will
get a wealth!)

Anyways, here's some links -

Men's Viking age clothing:


East Kingdom's resources on viking clothing and
trousers, etc


Costumer's manifesto


go down the left and look/click for vikings, or
patterns -



(scroll to bottom and hit "vikings" in "costume
pages") very cool PIC!

also, a infoblurb on the clothing - (withen


one heck of an interesting Viking society (britain)
with all the
different classes - could help! very worth looking at,



totally cool article and book (smithsonian 10th
century viking!)

and a museum exhibition in LA and others - COOL!)


scandanavian patterns - they say 18th century - but
there is an email
for further questions -

Cinnamon tart - a good way to use up egg whites


> From Sabrina Welserin
> 132 A cinnamon tart
> - Take a half pound of ground almonds, more or less,
> according to how large a tart one will make.
> - Take butter and the whites from seven eggs.
> Mix everything together, afterwards put a half ounce
> of cinnamon into it, the largest part, however,
> sprinkled on top, and sprinkle the tart with rose
> water.
> Also take about a half pound of sugar and put it in.
> The white fat from a leg of veal, cooked and finely
> chopped, is also especially good.
> __________________________________
> My Recreation
> Ingredients
> 7 eggs, separated
> 4 T butter, softened to room temp
> 1 c sugar
> 1/2 t salt
> 1/2 t lemon juice
> 4 t cinnamon (1/2 oz weighed)
> 2 c Trader Joe's almond meal (ground whole almonds)
> Rose water
> Directions
> Preheat oven to 350 F and butter bottom of spring
> form
> pan.
> Separate 7 eggs and let egg whites sit in large bowl
> and come to room temperature.
> Cream soft butter, then add 1/2 c sugar, mix until
> it
> is well blended.
> Add half of egg yolks to butter/sugar mixture, and
> beat well. Add the rest of the egg yolks and beat
> until the butter/sugar/egg yolk mixture is smooth,
> creamy and a rich medium yellow.
> Whip egg whites with salt and lemon juice until
> frothy. Add 1/2 cup of sugar. Whip until it reaches
> the ribboning, almost soft peak stage.
> Add almond meal and 1 T cinnamon to egg white
> mixture
> and mix.
> Whisk egg yolk mixture into egg whites, and then put
> into pan immediately. Sprinkle top of tart with 1 t
> cinnamon and pop in hot oven.
> Bake for 40 min, or until toothpick comes out clean.
> Let cool on rack, still in pan. When cool, sprinkle
> top with 2-3 capfuls of rose water.
> ________________________________________
> [Notes]
> This is still a recipe in progress, in other words,
> I'm not finished with it yet.
> First attempt with all egg whites and no yolks, cake
> came out with thin layer of sweet white stuff on the
> bottom, very odd. I decided that the cake needed egg
> yolks to keep almonds and whites from separating.
> Second attempt, made with egg whites and yolks. I
> didn't really measure the almond meal that closely,
> I
> just added 1 c and then kept adding more in until it
> felt right. I also added a bit more cinnamon. Cake
> came out well and didn't fall in middle, it was
> perfect.
> Third attempt made with egg whites and egg yolks.
> Whipped egg whites in mixer until soft peak stage,
> possibly too long as it was longer than doing it by
> hand. I used 1 1/2 c almond meal and 2 T cinnamons.
> Cake fell in middle, very disappointing, think it
> needs more almond meal, and next time perhaps 2- 2
> 1/4
> c almond meal? Edit Yup, I just checked Fabulous and
> Flourless, it has an almond tart with 8 eggs and 2
> 1/3
> c of ground almonds. So, next attempt will have 2 c
> of
> almond meal.
> ________________________________________
> For attempts 1 and 2, I mixed everything by hand,
> and
> had no problems with falling cakes. For attempt 3, I
> used the mixer for whipping the egg whites instead
> of
> doing it by hand due to my wrist feeling odd. I
> think
> I prefer whipping the egg whites by hand, makes the
> tart a little more work, but also gives me more
> control over the egg white stage. It also gives me a
> good understanding of what a cook in period would
> have
> gone through to make this. It’s a pretty easy
> dessert
> to make with a mixer, take out the mixer and you
> sweat
> a bit more. :).

Camping Bed

Twin slat bed plans:

Modern bed fastenings:

Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts

Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts:

Valerius Maximus, Des faits et des paroles mémorables 1400-1410
The Hague, KB, 71 E 68
Three women kneeling in front of the statue of a queen: a woman
(Lucretia) committing suicide by stabbing herself with a sword

Bible Historiale
The Hague, KB, 78 D 43
Moses in his basket is found by the daughter of Pharaoh

Book of Hours (use of Rome) 1400-1450
The Hague, KB, 135 E 36
Hours of the Virgin: Matins
The Annunciation: Gabriel announces Christ's birth to Mary
Mary in gold fitted gown with cloak.

Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun, Le Roman de la Rose (1350-1375)
The Hague, MMW, 10 B 29
Old age warming herself by the fire. Note the socks. Elbow length

I was poking around the site Emmelyne posted and found an interesting
feature, zoomable scans.
http://www.english.cam.ac.uk/mi-sampler/episodes.htm or

Of particular interest are a leaf from the early 14th c Grey-Fitzpayn
hours, http://www.english.cam.ac.uk/mi-sampler/borders2_applet.htm or
http://tinyurl.com/7s5dh . Joan Fitzpayn is wearing an heraldic dress
or surcote plus an heraldic mantle.

I also found interesting a fashionable group of people crossing the
Red Sea with Moses http://www.english.cam.ac.uk/mi-
sampler/moses2_applet.htm or http://tinyurl.com/98lww . The ladies
are wearing buttoned hoods with long mantles and bare or lightly
veiled hair. This is the first latter 14th c *English* example of
women in long hoods I've come across- I've found Italian and French
examples, but no English.

The British Library has digitized 253 books

...about European festivals and ceremonies that occurred between 1475

Yoinked from Metafilter
Renaissance Festival
British Library has digitized
253 books
festivals and
occurred between 1475 and 1700.
*"*From marriages, coronations and
official visits and saints' days, celebrations staged by the royal
of Europe were occasions to be remembered. Festival books could be
to souvenir programmes, or magazine accounts, documenting through
eye-witness accounts and philosophical reflections the key events in
lives of princely and elite folk – the celebrities of the day.*"* The
collection is aimed at both lay and scholarly

Breast Binding


Cotehardie Images



Low immersion dying


Meta Feast Information

Good article, Cost analysis fo feasts

Good article about period and adapted SCA feast service practice.

this is the wholesale place that sells game and the public....