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"country man's gloves" - 3 fingered medieval gloves

Posted in: Accessory
A couple years ago I decided to goto Estrella. I'd been told it was frightfully cold so I figured I'd need gloves to keep my hands warm. A short amount of research found a pattern for "3-fingered workman gloves". I fiddled with the pattern for a while and then finally sewed a pair from some bunny skins I had in my random-stuff box.

In retrospect it probably would be more correct to use lamb/sheep skin. The bunny fur is nice but a bit thin. That, and my honey is a bit "weirded out" about holding my hand when it's inside an inside-out dead bunny.

I've also made a pair of these out of a nice thick wool.

Evidence of Gloves from the 12th to the 16th Centuries
3 Fingered gloves, Marc Carlson


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