A whole year without an entry…

Wow. I swear I did stuff. I just didn’t write any of it in this diary.
Jan. 7 2005 finished Yellow Cote Dress
Feb. 15-22 2005 Estrella XXI. The warm, wet Estrella.
March 2005 Made Sunshade number two
April 2005 House warming shots party (he he he)
May-Aug. 2005 On West royal court for Thorfinn and Geirdis
June 2005 New oak poles for sunshade number two
July 2005 Our team won the Cook Off at A&S Tourney
July 2005-Feb 2006 On Cynaguan royal court for Alvar and Megan
July 2005 Wrote howto for making a wedge tent
Aug. 2005 Found out that landlord was going to sell house. Started looking to buy my own house.
Sept. 3, 2005 Ran Ducal garage sale, 1 year anniversary with Fearghus
Sept. 10, 2005 Feast help for Rose at Mists Bardic
Oct. 2005 Flew to Great Western War
Nov. 2005 Offer on a house accepted
Dec. 2005 Closed on house
Dec. 10, 2005 Head cook for Beaconsgate Boar Hunt
Dec. 2005 Moved into new house
Dec. 22, 2005-Jan 2 2006 In Montana for Christmas/New Years/Aunt’s Wedding

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