Beaconsgate Boar Hunt A.S. XL (2005)

Boar hunt 2005 is the second feast I’ve ever cooked. I started out with very big plans. Life intervened. The feast still came off well.. but I ended up re-using a lot of recipes from my last feast.

Theme: “Hunt and Harvest”

First Course:
Furmenty (v) with Venison
Capon Fricassee
Bourblier of fresh boar
Tourte (cheese and herb tart)(v)
Soetletie, Bread Beasties(v)

Second Course:

Ravioli in white broth(v)
Fillets in Gelatine(pork chops in gravy)
Chickens Endorsed
Rich Pasties
Compot(Honey-Glazed Vegetables)(v)
Sallet of all kinds of herbes and flowers(v)
Citrus Sauce(v)
Soetletie, Pigges

Third Course:

Roasted Rabbit
Optimal Cameline(v)
Pears in a wine sauce(v)
Tartlets (deep fried meat filled dumplings)
Soetletie (Boar’s Head by Dorothea)(v)

(v) – Vegetarian

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