Yellow Cote (late 14th - early 15th Century)

At sewing night this week I had Edith fidget with the fitting. We had some success but then it got frustrating and very hard to work with. With only a little itty bitty seam allowance to tug on it was very hard to get a tighter fit. Eventually we gave up for the night and went on to other projects.
I really wanted to get done with the fitting (until the fitting’s done I can’t go on to adding the outer fabric). So on Thursday I decided to see if I could do it myself (don’t laugh it was a good plan)(edit: At 12th night Edith said I have “freakish play-dough boobs”. I think she’s just jealous.). I pinned the lining on the front seam line and then pulled it on over my head. Even with the under bust pulled as tight as possible I’m still able to wriggle into it. So I wriggle into it, decide where I want it tighter/looser, wriggle out of it, re-pin, wriggle into it. After not too very long I had it nicely tight like I wanted it. I did get a couple of pin scrapes. I’m willing to put up with that to get it fit like I want and so I won’t have to impose on my friends.
So now the lining’s done. The next part is adding the outer fabric to the lining.

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