Mists Bardic Feast September 11, A. S. XXXIX (2004)

Mists Bardic Feast September 11, A. S. XXXIX
Bard of the Mists: Lady Elsa Saxenkammer
Head Cuisinière: Lady Sylvie la chardonnière
Autocrat: Lady Edith de Laufare

First service from the sideboard (12:30-ish)
Pique the appetite. Tasty things that make you hungry.
Sausages served cold
Savoury Melted Cheese
Fresh sliced apples, pears, carrots, cucumbers, celery

First Round of Bardic Competition (1:15-ish)

First service from the kitchen (3:45-ish)
Fill your hunger. Satisfy the feaster.
Winter Squash Soup Fringed with Saffron
Honey-Glazed Vegetables
Roast Chicken
Citrus sauce
Summertime Cerulean Blue Sauce
Black Pepper Sauce
Cow’s Milk Jance
Green Garlic
Marbled eggs
Sweet Leache

Second and final service from the kitchen (5:30-ish)
Interesting dishes with great flavors.
Soebtlety of marzipan
Bourblier of fresh boar
Sallet of all kinds of herbes and flowers
Decorated rice
Pears in wine sauce

Second and final service from the sideboard (7:15-ish)
Levata la tovaglia, little things to finish.
Prince Biskets of many colors
Candied lemon and lime peels
Scented and colored toothpicks

Site Closes (10:00-ish)
At 10:01-ish if you’re still here you’re on cleanup crew.

For more information contact:
sylvie@fibergeek.com or edith@sparklefreak.com

Special thanks to:
Quiznos™ at Second and Folsom in San Francisco,
The Village Blocksmith,
Joan the Harper and Bruce the Cart Driver,
Baroness Eilis O’Boirne,
Duke Fredrick of Holland,
Province of Silver Desert,
and the many, many people who helped with planning, cooking, serving, cleanup and moral support.

It has been my pleasure,

Lady Sylvie la chardonnière
Head cuisinière

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