Green Garlic Sauce

Green Garlic Sauce
155. Green Garlic [Sauce].
Taillevent, p. 47.
Crush garlic, bread and greens, and steep together.

[Note: this is in a section titled “How to make unboilded sauces.” So “steep” can’t mean boil.]

Forme of Cury.

Take parsel. mynt. garlek. a litul serpell [2] and sawge, a litul canel. gyngur. piper. wyne. brede. vynegur & salt grynde it smal with safroun & messe it forth.

[1] Verde. It has the sound of _Green-sauce_, but as there is no Sorel in it, it is so named from the other herbs.
[2] a litul serpell. Wild thyme.

Menagier de Paris.
For Birds Or Beef. Grind a clove of garlic and white untoasted bread-crumbs, and soak in white verjuice; and if you want it green for fish, grind in some parsley and sorrel or one of these or rosemary.

Sylvie’s Redaction:
2 bottles of pre-pureed garlic
3 bunches of fresh parsley
2 cups apple cider vinegar>

Use food processor on parsley until it’s very finely chopped. Mix with garlic. Add vinegar.

When shopping I found that pre-pureed garlic was cheaper than the same amount of unprocessed garlic. Less work is good.

One of the bunches of garlic was also used to color the leach.

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