Cow’s Milk Jance

Cow’s Milk Jance
Le Viandier de Taillevent (1373-1380)
Taillevent, p. 67.
209. Cow’s Milk Jance [Sauce].
Crush ginger with egg yolks, steep in cow’s milk, and boil. (BN manuscript, p. 34.)

Menagier de Paris (1393)
Grind ginger, egg yolks without specks (embryos), and pass them raw through the sieve with cow’s milk: or if you fear it might turn, cook the egg yolks, then grind and pass through the sieve; soak in cow’s milk, and let it boil well.

Sylvie’s Redaction:
Bray 2 nubs of fresh ginger(about 1/2 inch) with 4 egg yolks in a mortor and pestle.
Scald 2 cups milk. Lower heat
Temper eggs with some of the milk.
Add egg mixture to milk and cook on low heat. Stir while it thickens. Do not boil(if you boil it the eggs will sieze and you’ll end up with an unpleasant mess). Serve warm.

I forgot to take my mortor/pestle to site so we ended up mincing the ginger.

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