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November 10, 2003

8 weeks to Twelfth Night

Yes, only 8 weeks. I'm not panicked yet.

For Me:
- finish chemise
- try on last-year's 12th night outfit and see if it's worth working on. If it is, then re-work the sleeves.
- make sideless surcoat out of fleur de lys fabric I bought at Ducal Prize last year
- make knee high chausse (white wool.. need Edith's help with fitting)
- buy/make garters
- (optional) pattens for new shoes
- (optional) coffee filter hat (there's -got- to be a better name for this)

For him:
- make Braise
- make chausse (gold linen or cotton)
- make shirt (white linen)
- make doublet (dark blue damask or white fleur de lys)
- make Houppelande (flowery blue damask, lined with gold linen)
- buy/make garters
- (optional) pattens for new shoes
- (optional) some type of head gear maybe a hood?

New shoes were purchased off of Ebay from Lady Oren for $35/pair. (Black boot leather) http://store.yahoo.com/ladyorensmedievalshoes/supotoebush.html I hope to receive them by the end of next week.