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April 23, 2003

Going (temporarily) Italian

D suggested that we (Shire Cloondara) should have an Italian day in the park with dancing, feasting, fighting and storytelling based on the Decameron. I think this sounds like a swell idea.. and in keeping with the theme I asked her to show us how she makes her spiffy Italian garb (we all (or at least I) have garb envy of D). So she came over last weekend and went through a fitting/discussion about her Italian dresses. She mostly used the details worked out by Jennifer Thomas on A Festive Attyre.

After thinking about it for a while I've decided I'm going to make a gown similar to the red one shown to the right. The outfit will need to consist of: Chemise, Corset(corded bodice), Dress(with guards), and appropriate sleeves.

In the picture it looks like there's a grey under dress... but I'm going to skip that for the sake of economy. Though it does lead to an interesting question. If there's a dress under the red dress.. it's not a fully sleeved dress otherwise the white poofs of the chemise wouldn't show at the spot where the red dress's sleeves are tied on. So the grey under dress is either a skirt.. or some sort of sleeveless gown. So wait..

The current theory I'm working under is that there's some sort of corset under the red dress but over the chemise... what if, instead of a corset the "body sculpting" piece of clothing was the grey under gown(a la 14cgfg). It would seem like, based on the amount of fabric in the chemise the fitted under dress would be uncomfortable.. but realistically it can't be any more uncomfortable than bunching the chemise up under the corded corset. Very interesting idea. I may have to pursue that in the future.. in the meantime I'm going to make a corded corset.. and ignore the grey under dress.

April 07, 2003

Mists Spring Coronet

Mom came to visit from 3/29-4/4. She took care of me after the surgery to take out my gallblader. Without going into too many details, if you ever have horrible pain under your right ribs that occurs after eating fatty foods.. it could be gall bladder problems. Anyway, Mom did the Mom thing and came and took care of me. I was up and about after the surgery and probably could have gone back to work but I took the whole week anyway.

A little under a week after my surgery I day-tripped to Mists Coronet. Nothing too tiring. I entered and won the silver spoon competiton. The topic was "To honor he who wears the coronet". I made Prince Biskets in the shape of little crowns. I also won the A&S "Card or Inkle weaving" with my Anglo-Saxon threaded in diamond pattern. All in all it was a very nice day.